The Jewish cemetery in the town of Rechitsa

The list of Burials and their photos available HERE

The Jewish cemetery in the town of Rechitsa (Rechytsa, Gomel region, Republic of Belarus) is one of the few mass grave sites of members of one nationality.

This cemetery is truly massive — more than 3 thousand graves, occupies a significant area. The first mass burials dated to the 40-ies of the 20 century, although some earlier graves. To date, combines a mixture of modern and ancient tombs, many ennobled and purified.

In a decadent condition vintage stylized burial, decorated with tombstones in the shape of a shield, the traditional Hebrew inscriptions.

Here also are buried the Jewish residents of the city of Rechitsa, shot by fascist invaders during the great Patriotic war. During this period killed more than 4 thousand of the local population. In this regard, on the territory of the cemetery are several mass graves.

In 1994, with the support of the Israelites, a homeland which is Rechitsa, was a monument to the Victims of Nazism. However, in 1999 he and many gravestones were destroyed and desecrated. Since then, only some of them have been restored. The care of the graves here carry mostly the relatives of the deceased.


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