The list of Burials and their photos available HERE

Prudkovsky cemetery (Cemetery Prudok), so named by locals from the village Prudkovsky cemetery, is located in the city of Gomel (Republic of Belarus). The first burial (readable information), dated 1936, however, the most active cemetery began to function after the end of World War II. Initially it was thought the burial place of the representatives of the Jewish nation, after here found eternal rest and the representatives of the Christian denominations (Jewish burial separated by a wide track).

The cemetery was officially closed in the 1960s, but today its territory is allowed only in special burial plots inside of fences installed.

Part of the decorated burial monuments, which by right can be considered architectural creations: decorative bas-reliefs, bowls and traditional monuments in the form of trees with lopped branches. Decorated with a Star of David and inscriptions in Hebrew.

The Jewish part of the cemetery is divided into two sections: the first has 103 rows of burials, the second 5 rows. About 3,100 burials are equipped with readable signs with biographical data of the deceased. (Here is buried the mother of Ilya Borisovich Katunin — hero of the Soviet Union, a major public figure — Dmitri Vytautas, there are also several graves of unknown soldiers). Many graves, in particular, the monuments, the Brand and cemeteries have been destroyed or deformed, but reversed. The restoration works carried out by government and volunteer organizations. However, today Prudkovsky cemetery — one of the most neglected, and in need of urgent restoration.


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