Northern cemetery in Ulyanovsk, Russia — online burials catalog.

Northern cemetery is the largest cemetery in the city of Ulyanovsk. Has an area of ​​120 hectares. It is located near the village of Isheevka, therefore it has a second name — Isheevskoe. Located at Kinologicheskaya 3.

In 2019, after the closure of the Zavolzhsky (Arkhangelsk) cemetery, it became the main city cemetery of Ulyanovsk. More than 4 thousand graves appear on it every year. The territory of the cemetery is very close to the village of Isheevka.

There are Muslim and Jewish sites in the cemetery. The Jewish one appeared after the closure of the Old Jewish Cemetery in 1972. However, the burials of Jews in the Northern Cemetery appeared earlier. The earliest date is 1937. Belongs to Fridman Iosif Moiseevich (1911–1937).

There is a burial of 1943 and belongs to Budnevich Mikhail Iosifovich (1910–1943). If Fridman’s burial is independent, then Budnevich’s grave is family. In addition to Mikhail Iosifovich, Kochegura Raisa Mikhailovna (1948–1996) and Dolgopolskaya Anna Lvovna (1906–1969) are buried in it.

Unlike the burials at the Old Jewish Cemetery, the monuments in the Jewish section of the Northern Cemetery are standardized Soviet-era tombstones for single or family burials.

More than a dozen tombstones included in the electronic catalog contain images of the Star of David. The grave of Neiman Rimma Lvovna (1925–1995) is not only an image of the Star of David, but also a seven-branched candlestick. The slab of the family grave of Lifshits Mikhail Iosifovich (1920–2010) and Lifshitz Fani Abramovna (1924–2011) contains an image of the Star of David, as well as inscriptions in Hebrew.

There is also a grave with an Orthodox cross on the Jewish site. Seleznev Georgiy Mikhailovich (1944–2016) is buried at the site; a cross is depicted on his monument, and Belkina Gitya Grigorievna (1920–2011).

Monuments of Shakol Mikhli Evseevna (1916–2004) and Bogorad Faina Arkadyevna (1939–2005) are decorated with floral ornaments.

As a rule, inscriptions on gravestones contain a minimum of information — name, surname and dates of life. Some of the monuments indicate the professional affiliation of the deceased: surgeon Belenson Iosif Isaevich (1931–1998), professor Belyi Mikhail Izrailevich (1923–1998), honorary lawyer Shegal Arkadiy Davydovich (1929–2006).

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