Mushketov cemetery of Donetsk

Mushketov cemetery of the city of Donetsk is located in the Kalininskyi district. This is the oldest cemetery in the mining town, which was founded in 1925. This is one of the most important historical places of the city, each of its paths, every tree and stone are permeated with history. Its area is 50.7 hectares, of which two non-small areas on both sides of the cemetery were allocated for burial of representatives of the Jewish community.

On the map of the Mushketov cemetery, the boundaries of two Jewish sectors — the Old and New Cemeteries — are clearly visible. The part of old burial grounds looks very abandoned. It is almost completely lost among tall trees, bushes and other old sectors. It was from the Jewish graves of the late 1920s that the history of the oldest cemetery in Donetsk began.

The Jewish graves of the Old Cemetery are located rather hefty, probably because of this monuments and tombstones are preserved and left us a historical trace. You will not find any special wealth or vanity in this area of burial. From the largest monuments you can see an eagle sitting on a rock and a tombstone with large-scale carved inscriptions.

The new Jewish cemetery is located near the central entrance and has clear territorial restrictions. There are practically no overgrown graves or abandoned tombstones. All burial places are well-groomed. However, there are no clear identical sections reserved for one person, or an exact chronology of graves.

At the Mushketov Cemetery there is also a monument to the victims of German repression. They were reburied here from the mine 4/4 bis. It is also worth noting that among the graves there are the graves of famous personalities such as Ginzburg Naum Abramovich — a sculptor, David Lazarevich Krol, a famous merchant whose house miraculously survived.


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