Jewish cemetery of Dnepropetrovsk (nowadays Dnipro)

The list of Burials and their photos available HERE

Dnipro is one of those cities that could tell their long — term Jewish history. Although at the moment there is only one Jewish cemetery left in the city. But it was not always so.

Historical reports say that the oldest of these cemeteries was discovered in the suburbs since the very foundation of Dnipropetrovsk (then — Ekaterinoslav). And it was still the distant ХІХ century. According to the population census, Jews for many years accounted for one third of the city’s many thousands of people. The Jewish community is unique in that it was almost the first to obtain its official status and the permission of the Russian Empire to settle in Ekaterinoslav.

In general, the city owes much to Jewish townspeople for the development of infrastructure and social life. They built the very first stone house there, opened the first office for the purchase of flax, it was there that outstanding artists and scientists were born (for example, Moses Sheinfinkel is the author of the concept of combinatorial logic). Most members of the community were wealthy people and therefore beneficially influenced the development of Ekaterinoslav.

So for just over a hundred years since the foundation of the city, there was a need to open a new Jewish cemetery. It appeared in 1906–1907, and the old one was closed due to lack of free space.

Of course, in Soviet times the number of Jewish population decreased significantly and all parks and recreation areas were opened more often on the site of old burials. Because now in the city there is only one Jewish cemetery in Zavodnoye housing estate.

Today it is Dnipro’s sight and still continues to testify to an important part of urban history. Although, like any other cemetery, it requires constant thorough care. After all, it’s more than 2500 graves. This is a significant work that the city community or the indifferent people are constantly engaged in, ready to take care of the graves of their relatives and acquaintances. Therefore, to date, the preservation of the cemetery depends on the efforts of people who understand how important this is.


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