Development of a new project


For more than 10 years we have been making up detailed photo catalogs of Jewish burials of different years in Belarus and Ukraine.

Now we are starting our new path from the preparation for the new big project. The project will be called “Jewish genealogy” and will include many separate areas:

  1. Jewish genealogy — archival records, metric books, etc.;
  2. Searches for acquaintances and close people;
  3. The project to search and preserve the memory of the missing and the fallen soldiers in battle;
  4. Yad Vashem analog project — a database of people who died in the ghetto and the years of the Shoah;
  5. Memorial and memorable signs on the mass murder sites during the Second World War;

We plan to make this project multilingual (Russian, English, Hebrew); the project will also be available for Google search.

But for the implementation of the project we need your help. The project manager is not in a position to start and support such a large project alone. In this regard, we will be happy if you can help us financially.

You can do this at the following link: PayPal

If you want to become a volunteer of our organization in any of the projects, contact me in any convenient way for you.

Also we will be happy to receive from you any documents that we can include in the Catalog as part of our project.


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