The list of Burials and their photos available HERE

Cemetery “Osovzy”, located on the territory of modern Gomel got its name from the village of Osovzy, where residents began to bury their relatives since the 1970s. It was officially closed in 1988. In 2009, partially resumed their work, subburials steel is allowed only on the fenced plots. Today, the purchase of land in “Osovzy “ prohibited by the relevant law.

Total area of this cemetery is about 30 acres. It is divided into two zones: the old and the new. On its territory there are thousands of graves including more than 6 thousand Jewish. They occupy the most extensive area — 5 major sectors. Since this cemetery is under constant control of the state, approximately 5.5 thousand of the monuments established here, has maintained its original appearance. They are provided with proper care, regularly carried out restoration work.

Here you can find both traditional and unique monuments that reflect the culture and religion of the Jewish people. Of the imagination and of architectural structures on the graves of other denominations.

Here lie a talented pilot-engineer Galina I. Podgorny, Hero of the Soviet Union — Dmitry Nikandrovich Penyazkov, as well as dozens of Honorary citizens of Gomel and other regions of the Republic of Belarus.


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