Cemeteries Mushketovo and Donetskoye More (Donetsk Sea) in Donetsk

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Cemetery Mushketovo is the main cemetery of the city in the XX century. It is located in the Kalininsky district on the Pavshye Komissary Avenue. It got its name from the nearby railway station named after the geologist I. Mushketov. It has functioned since 1929. Covers an area of ​​over 50 hectares.

With the expansion of the city, the graves of the 19th century were moved here. In the cemetery, two sites are set aside for Jewish burials. They are called the Old and New Cemeteries. The necropolis is famous for the burial of the victims of the Nazis who were killed at the mine №4–4 bis. The grave of the war hero, sculptor Naum Ginzburg is also located here. It is considered the first monument to the victims of the Holocaust in the city.

Burials in the cemetery are cataloged. About 20 graves are listed as unidentified. On two of them there are only patronymics Borisovna (1887–1963) and Grigorievna (no dates). No dates or names have survived on two graves. Three more have no date of birth, and two have no date of burial.

The latest burials are dated 2013. For example, Ilya Beletsky (no date of birth) and Vdoveta Elena Zinovievna (1923–2013).

The cemetery called Donetskoye More (Donetsk Sea) is named after a nearby reservoir. It is located in the Leninsky district and covers an area of ​​37 hectares. The Jewish community owns the site. It functioned from the 1960s to the 2010s.

The Jewish part of the cemetery is cataloged. A list of more than 280 burials is available on the Web. More than 100 graves do not contain dates of life and death. Of these, 79 preserved only the names of the deceased. There are no dates of life and death on 12 graves, but the complete data (surname, name, patronymic) of the deceased have been preserved. For another 11, you can read the surname and initials of the deceased.

On a number of burials, surnames are repeated, which makes it possible to assume that the deceased were relatives. These are Megrish (2 burials), Kuperstein (2 burials), Lipovetskaya and Lipovetsky, Livshits and Livshits V.L., Kogan (6 burials), Korman (3 burials), Dobrinskaya G.M. and Dobrinsky, Broitman (2 burials), Weisbud E.B. and Weisbud F.B. (2 burials), Reznikov and Reznikova (2 burials).

Based on the dates of burial, the latest burial was made in 2017. It belongs to Ilya Aleksandrovich Yankovsky. The grave indicates that he was born in 1951. Another grave of 2017 belongs to Rakhman Sonia Elikovna, who was born in 1923.

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